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Evaluation Lilies

On the right, a small selection of lilies currently under evaluation.  To make a good garden lily it must have:

  • Hardiness
  • Strong stems
  • Lots of flowers
  • Disease resistance
  • Longevity

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Growing Lilies

growing lilies articles

Review articles written to help improve your general knowledge and your gardening skills with lilies.

Topics covered include growing a lily seed (both martagon and the easy asiatic and species) - tetraploid lilies - lily pests including the lily beetle, aphids and spider mites - lily diseases like botrytis, other fungal problems with lilies and of course lily viruses - plus much more you need to know about lily gardens, lilies in pots and lilies in general!

Canada Lilies

Canadian Lily Breeder list

Canada may be known for its vast size & fickle cold weather, but it's also known for it's fantastic garden lilies.  Many of the best known lilies in the world were, and continue to be hybridized right here in Canada. Many are sought after by breeders around the world so they can add outstanding qualities into their own lily breeding efforts.

Proudly supporting Canadian lily breeders, we specialize in Canadian lilies, growing many of the newest along with fine heritage varieties here on our lily farm.


Hi Lynette,
I just wanted to say something before I forgot. It isn't about my recent order but it is about the order that I got from you last fall. I wanted to comment on how nice those bulbs were! I found it a joy to do business with you and will recommend you to anyone that I know who is a lily enthusiast. I could not get over the size of the Scheherazade bulbs especially although the rest of them were very plump, firm, and well packaged. They are by far the best lily bulbs I have ever purchased, which makes me happy to shop your site again....I also want to thank you for offering Starfighter to your customers. It is not an easy lily to find as it is superior to Stargazer. I actually am quite bored with the gazers and had a trial last year with a Starfighter, which I loved but I know that yours will be superior.

Amanda H., SW Quebec Canada