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Evaluation Lilies

On the right, a small selection of lilies currently under evaluation.  To make a good garden lily it must have:

  • Hardiness
  • Strong stems
  • Lots of flowers
  • Disease resistance
  • Longevity

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Growing Lilies

growing lilies articles

Review articles written to help improve your general knowledge and your gardening skills with lilies.

Topics covered include growing a lily seed (both martagon and the easy asiatic and species) - tetraploid lilies - lily pests including the lily beetle, aphids and spider mites - lily diseases like botrytis, other fungal problems with lilies and of course lily viruses - plus much more you need to know about lily gardens, lilies in pots and lilies in general!

Canada Lilies

Canadian Lily Breeder list

Canada may be known for its vast size & fickle cold weather, but it's also known for it's fantastic garden lilies.  Many of the best known lilies in the world were, and continue to be hybridized right here in Canada. Many are sought after by breeders around the world so they can add outstanding qualities into their own lily breeding efforts.

Proudly supporting Canadian lily breeders, we specialize in Canadian lilies, growing many of the newest along with fine heritage varieties here on our lily farm.


The plants are in A1 condition. You have handled them well. I am most pleased with your service. (should I post a note to the CZ&P list reminding folks they have a great supplier right at home :) :) - seriously though, thanks for everything, and may this year be your best ever.

George B., Carmanville, NF Canada