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On the web, we are open 24/7 of course - but our online lily catalog will only be found active during our bulb order/shipping seasons. In Spring, this will be anywhere from December to April 30, and for Fall bulb orders anywhere from mid June to September 30. Sorry the start dates of each season are so vague, but it is difficult to nail down a date each year when the lily bulb catalog is ready for release as we must rely on others to have their act together too - like Canada Post as we must update shipping rates. If they have not released new rates for the new year by December 1, our Spring lily bulb catalog is delayed until they do.

To address the questions and suggestions of those who request we leave our bulb catalog online year-round but deactivate accepting orders - we did try this briefly for a time a few years ago, the end result was a constant need to answer emails and phone calls in our off-season from those who do NOT read carefully and expect us to ship lily bulbs on demand.  Instead, we give you our huge Photo Gallery of lilies, all listed by category and by name for easy reference and available 24/7.


gate closed Our gates and gardens are closed to the public indefinitely.  We cannot accept visitors at any time or for any reason, and there are no exceptions.  There are many reasons for this, the most important being that my family no longer wishes to have the public here, after 15 years of tolerating it for my sake.  Our gates closed for good in July 2009.  Thank you for your understanding.

You are welcome to phone and leave a message at any time.  If you do not receive a return call within 3 days, please try again.  We live in an area which has frequent power outages, particularly in summer.  If the power is out for any length of time, all messages are lost despite battery backup.  I also have to admit I've become quite negligent in checking messages, sometimes 2 weeks go by before I realize I haven't checked them!


Hi Just wanted to say I received my bulbs today and wanted to thank you. I've never ordered from you before and am always leery but I was really impressed with the size and quality and also the wonderful wrapping and labeling. Also, thank you for the free bulb. I'll definitely be ordering again and passing the word along to others.

Darlene D., Lawrencetown, NS Canada