About Our Catalog...

2013 evaluation lilyThe Spring Lily Catalog is online until May 1, 2014 then it will be offline again until some time in June when we prepare for the Fall Catalog. Keep scrolling below to see the limited varieties we have for Spring shipping!

In spring, we have a very limited selection of imported bulbs to choose from, in Fall we have hundreds of varieties grown right here on our farm for your selection.  Be sure to come back in midsummer to check it out.

facebookP.S.  If you Facebook, become a fan of our page for special offers and discount coupon codes exclusively for fans - all you have to do to reveal the code is LIKE the page then click on the FANS SAVE $$$ box!WE SHIP BULBS ACROSS CANADA IN SPRING & FALL - BUT OUT OF CANADA ONLY IN THE FALL. (September/October)


Hi! Last fall I ordered your 25 bulbs for $25 special and I must say I am thrilled!!! So far this summer I have been rewarded with about a dozen different varieties. Thank-you so much. This is the first thing I've been successful with. I'm thrilled (I already said that) it's true. Thanks,

Janice R., Saskatoon, SK Canada