Canadian Breeders

CanadaOur Canadian Breeder pages list the lily breeders who have registered lilies with the official RHS Lily Registrar in the United Kingdom. Where possible and known by us, we have included a brief descriptive paragraph regarding the breeder, other photos and details, etc.

Canadians should be proud, some of the best lilies in the world originate here!

Records on lily registrations date back to the beginning of the RHS Lily Group back in 1958. Supplements to the Registry are printed yearly, although there has been the odd year where it has been skipped. With so many records to go through, you will no doubt understand why these pages are a constant work in progress. With over 6000 lilies registered up to the year 2000, there is much to read and sort through! We also like to add our own comments to the descriptions where possible when we have grown that particular lily. Of course there is also the tedious and time consuming task of linking as many as possible to actual photos so you can see them for yourself. Many of the pages you find here are incomplete and may even be inaccurate - we have yet to verify that certain lilies were in fact bred by and not just registered by the person named - lots of work to do yet! Keep checking back to see how we're coming along with this project.