Fancy Nancy asiatic lily
Fancy Nancy asiatic lily

What an incredible lily this is, especially considering it was a rogue seedling mixed up with another! It does not propagate quickly, and it takes a few years to get established, but when it does - you will be so impressed! Dark stems so thick I must use an axe to chop them down in Fall, grow 1.2 M tall typically, but once established a couple years (and even under drought conditions when everything else is shorter than normal) it has hit 1.8 M tall, the equivalent of 6 feet.

A magnificent amount of flowers in pale yellow with purple dashes and spots enhanced by a small brush of deeper yellow in the center of the petals. Flowers are large and although the stem appears well spaced before opening, they appear crowded after doing so as flowers are so large. This my gardening friends, is the closest to a 'tree lily' (given time) you will find for the cold zones and requires no extra protection! Blooms late July to early August with secondary buds.

  • Ia Asiatic
  • Bred 1998
  • Registered 2010
  • Bred by Fred Fellner
  • Exclusive to Valley K
  • I am Canadian!

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