Asiatic Lily Seedling FF01-07

Vigorous and 'tiger-like', this is a Fellner seedling with unique colouring but a terrible inflorescence if you like show quality stems!  It doesn't produce a ton of flowers, I believe the most I've counted on a stem are 12 including secondaries.  Umbel inflorescence is what prevents show quality.  Flowers are orange with salmon pink tips and the same colour striped down the middle of each petal which is covered to the tips with dark dashes and spots.  A hint of creamy yellow overlay in the lower half of the petals as well. Absolutely eye catching colour when it blooms in cooler weather but it does fade quickly in high heat.   Dependable garden lily with deep green foliage and stems that grow up to 1.2 M tall.

  • Hybridized 1999
  • Unregistered Seedling
  • Ib/c lily hybrid
  • Hybridized by Fred Fellner
  • I am Canadian!

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