FF06-12 asiatic lily

Large sidefacing flowers up to 20 cm across in creamy white, which have a yellow cast on first opening.  In cool weather it has a distinct pink cast as well as a narrow pink stripe down the center of each petal. The yellow and pink fades as the days pass. Each bloom has purple spots for contrast, a frosted green throat and plenty of substance with 6 to 12 flowers per stem blooming in mid July.

I really like this lily, especially the wide open, almost flat faced thick-petaled flowers.  I don't want to register it has it really doesn't have any unique qualities or color but I find it a very strong and dependable Fellner garden lily.  I have plenty of them, need to make space and I hate to trash them so why not list them at a good price to clean them out?

  • Ib Asiatic
  • Bred 2003
  • Bred by Fred Fellner
  • Canadian

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