Asiatic Lily Seedling FF06-13

A lovely lily in pink that consistently produces secondaries which means more flowers per stem.  On occasion it has produced tertiaries!  Flowers open in rose pink with a frosted throat and a deeper pink spotted halo in the lower half of the petals with a hint of orange at the top of the nectary furrows.  Petal colour fades within a few days but the deeper pink halo remains, providing a brushed star shape and colour contrast.  Stems grow up to 1.5 M tall with 20+ flowers (including secondaries) per stem once established.  Quick to multiply this will be a dependable garden lily in your landscape.

  • Hybridized 2003
  • Not Registered
  • Ia/c lily hybrid
  • Hybridized by Fred Fellner
  • I am Canadian!

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