Fiery Belles Asiapet  lily
Fiery Belles Asiapet lily

Shimmering orange, large, up and outfacing flowers dazzle you with their slightly fragrant, flared blooms. Stems grow to just under/over 1M tall, blooming in early August for a long time. Triploid is moderately fertile. Also botrytis resistant!

Also known as Firey Belles - even Dr. Ronald uses this spelling however the RHS Lily Registry uses the spelling 'Fiery' and since I am a stickler for correct naming I must use what the registry uses.

  • VIIIa/b Aurelian-Asiatic
  • Triploid
  • Bred 1982
  • Registered 1997
  • Bred by Wilbert Ronald
  • AKA Firey Belles
  • I am Canadian!

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