Species lily l. henryi
Species lily l. henryi

Native to the mountainous regions of central China, and considered an indestructible species! Bears large orange, turks-cap flowers with heavy papillae and grows 1.6 to 1.8 M tall, with up to 30 flowers per stem under good garden conditions. This lily will grow under alkaline conditions. Wiry stems will lean into the light if it is lacking, plant it deep to produce bigger, taller stems each year rather than it splitting into smaller bulbs as it has a tendency to do.

Very interesting news for people living in areas where the Lily Leaf Beetle has established - preliminary research and trials by dedicated lily enthusiasts are revealing that l. henryi as well as hybrids derived from l. henryi may be more resistant to lily beetle damage than other divisions of lilies.

  • Blooms from late July through August
  • IX Species
  • Bred by Mother Nature
  • NAPS Popularity Poll Winner 2007

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