A Honeybunch look-a-like

This lily was sold to me as the registered variety Honeybunch, but it's not!  Similar, but not identical this one is shorter growing to about 60-80 cm tall and blooms from mid to late July with orange or coral tones and a lighter coloured center in the petals, which is covered in deeper coral spots and often has a picotee edge on the lower half in the same deep coral.  It does fade as the days go by but it blooms forever with flowers all in a bunch at the top of the stem.  Check out how recurved those petals are too!  Very pretty addition to the front or middle section of a perennial bed.

I am certain this was bred by the same fellow (J. Barber) who came up with Honeybunch, Barber Pink and Barber 17  - they all look so much alike they must be from the same family! If so that would also make it Canadian, but I can't be sure unfortunately.

  • Ib Asiatic lily
  • Unknown registration & breeding record

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