Miss Feya AKA LeVern Friemann OT lily
Miss Feya AKA LeVern Friemann Orienpet lily

A glorious deep red flower with an equally glorious stem when in bloom, producing plenty of colorfast (non-fading) lilies late in summer. Depending where you live and how the weather is, it could begin blooming as early as late July and stretches into late August. Height is up to 1.8 M, but averages 1.5 M tall.

This is another truly fantastic garden lily first introduced in the US, which has since been mass produced in the Netherlands under another name. When first introduced as LeVern Friemann, it fetched a premium price of $80 per bulb!

  • VIII(b/c) Orienpet lily
  • AKA LeVern Friemann 
  • Fragrant
  • Hybridized: pre-1992
  • Registered as Miss Feya 2008
  • Bred by LeVern Friemann
  • NALS Popularity Poll Winner 2019

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