Midnight Raspberry Lily

Deepest red with a narrow gold band in the center of the petals and deeper red spots. Grows to 1M tall, blooming late July for us. Unfortunately we have very little information on the background of this lily, it came to us in a collection of lilies from Russell Bennett with this name, and the note that he purchased it from Eugene Fox. Regrettably both Russell and Dr. Fox passed away before I could ask any questions. I do recall Eugene telling me a story about buying some unregistered stock from Alex Burnett long ago, with intents to register and then realizing Alex had sold one of those hybrids to someone else too. Perhaps this is the lily in question, no one can know for sure now, but I am fairly familiar with breeding stock of Mr. Burnett and this looks very much like it originated there.

  • Ic Asiatic
  • I am Canadian!

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