Star Gazer Oriental Lily

The most famous oriental lily of all time, perhaps the most famous lily of all time is the Star Gazer AKA Stargazer lily shown here. It sports crimson red petals with white margins, and a heavy fragrance. The Star Gazer lily grows 1M tall, blooming in early to mid August.

This lily needs extra protection at most locations on the Canadian Prairies, as do all oriental lilies. Climate change and micro-climates within your garden may make it unnecessary, however you won't know until you try some orientals for a few years - notice I said a few, not just one. Just as with other lily classes some are hardier than others.

  • Fragrant
  • Registered 1975
  • Bred by L. Woodriff
  • VIIc Oriental lily
  • AKA Stargazer

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