Tabledance OT lily

Although they are marketing this as a 'unique' color, what I find IS unique is that it is only slightly scented unlike most OT lily varieties. Still enough to scent the entire yard on a lovely summer evening, and perfect for those who find them overpowering or have allergies! Tabledance flowers with blooms close together, which makes it compact and beautiful in your vases as a cut lily flower. Unopened buds are a stunning rich pink and almost as pretty as the open blooms! Lush pink petals are unspotted with white in the center along with a vivid green throat, fading as they age. Stems grow to 1.2 M, but you may see it grow taller if you leave it in the same location for a number of years. This lily blooms mid to late August under average growing conditions.

Tabledance has been winning awards as a cut lily flower since 2008, and was introduced to the garden market in a big way starting in 2013. Mak BV promises that even small bulbs will produce plentiful buds and we can confirm that indeed they do!

  • AKA Table Dance
  • VIII a-b/b(-c) Orienpet lily
  • Bred pre-2008
  • Registered 2011
  • Bred by Mak Breeding BV
  • Fragrant

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