lily hybrid White Henryi
trumpet lily hybrid White Henryi

A cross between L. henryi and L. leucanthum var. centifolium, resulting in a white flower with red speckling over the small papillae and a deep orange throat. Grows to 1.5 M tall, carries the strength and garden habits of L. henryi. Although a Trumpet/Aurelian class, it is very hardy here in central Alberta, as is L. henryi.  In harsh climates, this lily bulb is best planted in spring as they tend to transplant with better success.

*Although you may find it in catalogs under 'Species' it is considered a hybrid and would normally be found under the 'Trumpet' lilium classification/category.

  • AKA Glowing Star
  • Trumpet/Aurelian VI(b-c/c)
  • Registered 1945
  • Bred by L. Woodriff
  • Fragrant!
  • Listed in the NALS Lily Hall of Fame

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