canada mapNo minimum order required, but it is to your benefit to order in quantity as the minimum shipping cost is the same regardless of quantity, for smaller orders. Perhaps you can get together with a friend or family member and order together to save on shipping costs, I certainly encourage you to do so!  It is getting more than ridiculous to ship across Canada with the rates set by all couriers and the postal service.


Lily bulbs are shipped starting anywhere from September 15 through October 15 in Fall. The start date of shipping in Fall is very dependent on weather and dormancy of bulbs. Orders are shipped in the order received - that means if you order July 30 you should get your order sooner than anyone ordering August 30, unless perhaps there are Orienpet bulbs in your order.

Please be aware that if you order Orienpet bulbs in Fall your order will ship towards the end of our season as they require a longer period after blooming, prior to digging.  Quite often the first week of October is when they are harvested.  This is not always the case however, some years they bloom right along with the late asiatics and we can dig them the same time as everything else.


I try ship all orders before Wednesday of each week, to prevent them from sitting over the weekend at the destination Post Office. The exception to this rule are orders going to eastern Canada, as they traditionally take 5-7 days from here to there. Although the PO is closed on weekends across the country, the mail still moves until early Saturday morning and resumes Sunday evening at the sortation plants, so really it only sits 1 day and 1 night total.

Shipping rates vary by province, shipping charges are based on the MINIMUMS as outlined below OR on average 10-12% of the total order, whichever is GREATER. Shipping rate MINIMUMS are as follows, and do not include GST:

AB & SK $13.50
BC & MB $15.50
All other Canadian addresses minimum is $20.00

The above rates are estimates and subject to change at the whim of Canada Post, but as long as I've been in business they have increased prices every January, and on occasion at other times of the year as well.  (Rates listed above were in effect for January 2017)  I offer 2 options, Expedited and XpressPost.  XpressPost is very reliable and quick across Canada (4 days max to any point I believe) but of course it incurs charges over and above what is listed here.

There is insurance valued to $100.00 automatically included in every order shipped with Canada Post, to protect against loss or damage. All orders are complete with tracking numbers, no signature required. Tracking numbers are emailed to you along with an expected delivery date the day your order ships out.


We no longer ship using Greyhound Bus Service due to the drastic rate hikes they implemented in 2018 as well as their dropping service in western Canada.


Please feel free to request the method of your choice even if it isn't mentioned here.  I have shipped orders by truck freight as well.  This works great for people who have an account with Hwy 9 or Hwy 13 Transport for example, since they have depots we can deliver to nearby.  Almost any courier company I can also ship with, with one exception - I do NOT and WILL not ship with UPS, they have the worst service in the country - I'm quite confident in saying that after 25 years in business!