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Good To Know:
Please note the phones are turned off except for when the site is actively accepting orders from July through September each year.  So I won't hear you ring, however you can leave a message - but be aware they are not checked regularly except for the months of July through September!
Unfortunately, those are also the months when power outages plague us and of course the phones don't work or take messages without power.  If you call and hear no message or unable to leave one, that would be the reason.  If it is out too long it wipes out all my messages and then I won't even know you called so please call again if you get no call back within 3 days!
Your best method of contact to get a timely reply will always be email; you can use the form on this page to reach me.  Email is not checked on weekends, and I have been known to get carried away with other projects in the winter months and forget to check email for a week or two so if it is the off season here please be patient waiting for a response.  Thanks for your understanding and patience with this 'old school' proprietor, and have a great day!