bagged bulbsAs this is the FINAL YEAR OF SALES at Valley K there are NO guarantees and NO promises of any sort.  All sales are final and orders will be managed in the same manner they were for the past 20 + years (first-come first-served).


I always ship the largest lily bulbs I have growing. Average size for asiatic & LA bulbs 12/16 cm. (These measurements indicate the circumference of the lily bulb.) Orienpet & Aurelian/Asiatic bulb sizes vary dramatically but in most cases are 14/16 or 16/18 cm. Many bulbs are naturally smaller (like species lilies), and some are naturally larger.

Often there will an extra lily bulb in the bag if we feel the particular variety is a little on the small side in comparison to the rest in the row. Each bulb is labeled on the bag, indicating the same information you will find in the lily catalog. Bulbs are packed in vermiculite, sawdust or peat moss, which can be mixed with the soil at planting time. Planting instructions for lily bulbs are included with each order.

Rest assured I do not substitute varieties unless you specifically indicate it is acceptable to do so when you order.  If short on stock, refunds are made when no other instruction has been left on the order.


Lily bulbs should bloom the first summer in your garden, and bloom true to the photo shown in our online catalog.  You can come back to this site even after we have finalized all sales, to use it as a reference.  There won't be a catalog any longer, instead ALL varieties will be found in the Archived Lilies section, although I'll likely rename that to something else...if I do, it will be a very visible link for you.


Your bulbs will arrive in prime planting condition. Occasionally a lily bulb can spoil during transit, particularly under warm shipping temperatures. Any surface mould which may grow in transit can easily be washed away under the tap before planting.  You should inspect all bulbs upon arrival and look for potential problems BEFORE planting them in the ground.  You should also plant lily bulbs immediately upon inspecting them.

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