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  • Arctic Sunrise - 1990 (2002) [Ia/c] #21
  • Bonnie Jean - (1997) Cream flushed with violet pink in the throat and on the petal tips and margins. Grows just over 3 feet, blooming in late June [Ia/c]
  • Golden Surprise- (1998) Vivid yellow with strong green throat, unspotted. Grows to just over 3 feet tall, blooms July. An asiatic/trumpet cross. [VIIIb/b]
  • Grenadine - (#21)
  • Just Jazz - (2005) A stunning, unspotted, hot tropical pink shade with just a hint of peach in the petal centers. Large flowers on dark stems blooming in mid July, at a height of 40 inches. Tetraploid [Ia/c]
  • Kissme - (2005) This lily is a vigorous grower with thick, creamy white petals leading to a green throat. Mostly unspotted, the flowers are of notable texture and substance as are the dark stems and leaves. Loads of flower buds even on immature bulbs. Grows 1M tall, blooming mid July. Tetraploid, pollenless and a faint fragrance! [Ia/c]
  • Lady Di - 1997 (2001) Pink shading to white at tips and margins, light pink throat with a few deep pink spots. Strong stems grow to 1.8M tall with up to 23 flowers per stem. Blooms mid to late July . [VIIIb-c/b]
  • Lucky Strike - pre 1993 (1997 IRA) Yellow, spotted tetraploid. [Ia]
  • Mission Belle - (1997) Light yellow with 1/3 of each petal suffused in purple-red. Small dark red spots scattered over basal half of petals. Grows 5-6 feet tall, blooms late June. A tetraploid with occasional secondary buds. [Ia/d]
  • Monique - 1990 (2002) A large flowered cheery white lily edged in pink, with a pale yellow throat and dark spots. Tetraploid, and grows to 1.4M tall, blooming early July. [Ia/b-c]
  • Pale Face - (1999) Creamy white with yellow-green mid-ribs, violet spots evenly scattered throughout. Just over 3 feet tall, blooms June-July. [Ib/b]
  • Pink Bounty - 1997 (2001) Yellow throat leading to pink petals that are unspotted. Strongly scented flowers grow on stems reaching 1.9M tall, blooms in mid to late July. [VIIIc/b]
  • Pink Jazz - 1997 (2001) Pale pink petals lead to a deeper pink throat colored red, unspotted but strongly scented flowers bloom in late July on 1.6M stems. [VIIIc/a-b]
  • Pretty Girl - 1990 (2002) Bubblegum pink petals are darkly spotted over the cream color in the middle of each petal. Tetraploid grows to 1.2M tall, blooms in mid to late July. [Ia/b-c]
  • Regal Star- (1998) Dark red with white margins and a light yellow throat. No spotting. Grows to 5 feet, this orienpet is fertile and a tetraploid. [VIIIc/d]
  • Verigold - 1990 (2001) Vivid yellow blooms with a green throat are spotted purple. Grows 1.1M tall, blooming early July. A strong lily with great substance in the garden! Tetraploid. [Ia/b]

We also grew a number of unregistered hybrids not listed on this page from Mr. Bazett's breeding program.

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