• Excel - (1999) Brilliant yellow shading to deep pink, then strong red in the throat. Very few spots. Grows to 3 feet tall, blooms in mid July. [Ib/c]
  • Garfield - (1999) Vivid orange with red spots. Grows 3-4 feet tall, blooms in July with a high bud count. [VIb/b-c]
  • Henry's Darling - (1988) Orange in throat, shading out to lemon on the tips, unspotted. Grows to 4 feet or more, blooms in late July. [VIa]
  • Henry's Honey - (1988) Deep orange throat shading to honey then to almond at tips. Unspotted, grows 4-5 feet tall, blooms late July. [VIa]
  • King Leo - (1987) Brilliant yellow, paler at tips, deeper in throat, with a few brown spots. Grows 4 feet, blooms early July. [Ib]
  • Nadine - (1990 G. Brundrett) Golden orange with an orange-brown edge which fades to yellow, tips are orange-brown. Dark oval spots over 1/3 of petals. Grows just under 3 feet, blooms late June through mid July. [Ia]
  • Skybolt - (1988) Orange with white tips and upper edges. Grows 4 feet tall, blooms in late July. [VI]
  • Turkey Red (1999) Vivid orangy-red with some spotting. Grows to 4 feet tall, blooms mid July to late August. [Ib/d]

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