• Ewart - (1999) Purple-pink with pale pink throat, a few dark purple spots in the throat. Grows 4 feet tall, high bud count. Blooms in July. [Ia/c]
  • Karen - (1998) Bright apricot with green throat. Faint aurelian streaking inside, strongly scented. Grows to 4 feet, blooms late July. [VIb/a]
  • Kelvin - (1992) Bright orange with purple spotting over all. High bud count, slightly recurved petals and slightly cup-shaped. Stems purple, growing 3-5 feet, blooming in late July. [1a]
  • Laurence - (1998) Brilliant apricot with green throat, faint aurelian streaking inside. Strongly scented, stems grow to 5 feet tall, blooms late July. [VIc/a]
  • Mark's Pride - (1999) Red with greenish-yellow throat, unspotted. Strongly scented, grows 5-6 feet tall, blooms late July. [VIc/a]