• Appaloosa Queen - (1994) Pinky-orange with pink throat and many large, dark brown spots. Grows 12 inches tall, blooms in June. [Ib]
  • Apricot Pie - (1994) Apricot orange with a yellow throat and a few brown spots. Grows 2 feet tall. [Ia]
  • Apricot Silk - (1995) Pastel orange with a pale orange throat, unspotted. Grows 18 inches tall, blooms late. [Ia]
  • Carolyn Rallison - (1998) Lavender pink with dark purple spotting, holds its color well. Large bud count. Blooms late June on 4 foot stems. [IIc/d]
  • Fred Tarlton - (1996) [II]
  • Green Eggs & Ham - (1998) Reddish pink with a purple throat and a few dark spots. Grows just under 3 feet tall with a high bud count. [Ia]
  • Madeline Holloway - (1996) [II]
  • Man o' War - (1999) Burgundy red with no spots. Blooms late July to August. Grows 3-4 feet tall. [Ia]
  • Maroon King - (1996) [II]
  • Palomino Queen - (1995) Pale yellow with numerous, small purple spots and deeper yellow nectaries. Grows 18 inches tall, blooming in June. [Ib-c]
  • Percy Wright - (1995) Purple-pink with gold markings, a purple throat and spotting. Grows to 3 feet, blooming in August with a high bud count. Also known as 'Percy H. Wright'. [Ic]
  • Pink Cheer - (1990) Pink inside and out, white throat and red spots scattered. Grows 3 feet tall. [Ib]
  • Russet Ribbons - (1994) Russet colored, sometimes tinged pink tips and a pink throat, some brown spotting. Grows 18 inches tall, blooms July. [Ia]

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