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  • Alpine Gold - (1995) [Ia]
  • Aunt Rosie - (1995) Deep pink paling slightly at tips and darkening in the throat. Frosty throat with dark pink spots. Grows 3 feet tall, blooms late July or early August. [Ib]
  • Cawdor - (1995) Flourescent apricot grows darker around edges. A few, dainty spots at base of petals. Grows just over 3 feet tall, blooms late. [Ia]
  • Delightful Pink - (1995) [Ia]
  • Emerald Lake - 1993 (1996) Lime green with dark green throat and a fine gold line around outer petals. Unspotted. Grows 1.35M tall, blooms early July to mid August. [Ia-b]
  • Erskine - (1995) Red-orange shading to bright orange at tips. Golden orange line on outer petals, throat a light shade of gold. Grows to 4 feet tall, very high bud count, opening in July. [Ia]
  • First Light - (1995) Two-tone yellow and pink, with a golden yellow band above a wine-pink throat. Tips change to soft yellow with age. Grows up to 4 feet tall, blooms August. [Ia/b]
  • Hidden Treasure - (1995) Tangerine with darker tips and a few brown spots on a creamy throat. Colors become more golden with age. Grows 2 feet tall, blooms July. [Ia]
  • Ivy Calder - (1995) Deep pink with an apricot blush on center of each petal, deep pink margins and throat. A few dainty spots in the throat. Grows just over feet tall, blooms July-August. [Ia]
  • Joan - (1995) Pink with a cream sunburst above a wine-colored throat. Cream increases with age. Unspotted. Grows to 3 feet tall, blooms July. [Ia]
  • Linda Gail - (1995) [Ia]
  • Monica Hales - (1995) [Ia/b]
  • Morning Silhouettes - (1995) Rosy pink at the tips, extending down the center of the petals to white frosty nectaries and throat. Petals are picoteed dark brown, with heavy dark spotting. Grows to 4 feet, blooming late. [Ib-c]
  • Pink Brushmarks - (1995) Pink with slightly paler pink throat and red brushmarks. A few dark, wine spots and golden yellow pollen. Grows 2 feet tall, blooms late. Holds color well in heat. [Ia]
  • Pot of Gold - (1995) Golden yellow, lightly spotted.. Grows 3 feet tall, non-fading blooms in July. [Ia]
  • Revena - (1995) Dark red fading toward the base, with black spotting over 2/3 of the petals. Stems are very dark, growing to 4 feet, blooming July-August. [Ib-c]
  • Robert Erskine - (1995) Golden yellow shading to bright pink at tips, with a rose throat and loads of wine-colored spots above the throat. Grows to 3 feet, blooming July-August. [Ia]
  • Rose-tipped Freckles - (1995) Gold yellow shading to pink tips, and a yellow-rose pink blended throat. Heavy, dark wine-colored spots. Grows 3 feet tall, blooming July. [Ia]
  • Sheila's Choice - 1993 (1996) White with very few black spots. Grows up to .75M tall, blooms late June. [Ia]

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