• Elfros Enticer - pre 1978 (2000) Red throat with spotted pink petals, stems grow to .9M tall, blooming in late July. AKA Barber's Pink. [Ic/d]
  • Girls Only - (1975) Red-purple flowers are slightly spotted, have a white throat. Grows .4M tall, blooms in July. [Ib]
  • Honeybunch - (1975) Unspotted yellow-orange flowers are outfacing, blooming in mid July. Has l. cernuum in its parentage. Grows to 1M tall. [Ib]
  • Lady Dawn - (1974) Another hybrid with l. cernuum in the parentage. Very vivid, bold red outlining the heavily spotted petals with a yellow throat. Grows to 1M tall, blooming in July. [Ib]
  • Make-Believe - (1976) White throat with red-purple petal tips , spotted. Grows to .8M tall, blooming July. [Ib/c]
  • Suntan - (1974) Bronze yellow with spots. Grows 1.1M tall, blooms July. An l. cernuum hybrid as are most of Barber's lilies. [Ib/c]