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On this page we have listed Canadian lily breeders with just one lily registered to their credit. As with the rest of our breeder pages, this is incomplete and updated as time permits.

Dick Thomas bred the following:

Kwartet - (1994 J. Bodalski) Vivid, unspotted orange. Grows to 3 feet tall, blooms early July. A cross between 'Gran Paradiso' and another tetraploid seedling. [Ib]

E. Kieslich bred the following:

Dr. Porter - (1998 Diann Putland) Strong orange with small red spots over 2/3 of the petals. Grows just over 3 feet, blooms June-July. [Ia/b]

John Montgomery bred the following:

Ivonka's Choice - (1998) A strong red fading to brilliant orange with a narrow yellow stripe down the center of each petal. Tiny carmine dots with bright orange pollen. Grows 2 feet tall, blooms in July-August. [Ia]

J. Russell bred the following:

Alice Bergstrom - (1994) Vivid yellow-pink with orange tips and a light orange throat. Lots of large, dark red spots. Grows 4 feet tall, blooms late July-August. Produces loads of stem bulbils. [Ia]

Mrs. B. Reid bred the following:

Sunsprite - (1993) Brilliant yellow with a vivid yellow throat and green outside. Moderate red spotting and streaks in throat. Grows 4 feet tall, blooms July. [Ia]

S. Hogewoning bred the following:

White Horse - (1994) Yellow-white with outer petal tips a strong yellow-green. Faint spotting with strong orange pollen. Grows just over 3 feet tall. [VIIc]

E. Horner bred the following:

Nissouri Blush 1994 (2004) [Ic/c] #23

Jim Ball bred the following:

Jimbo - 1990 (2001 D. Nelson) Unspotted soft yellow with a green throat, very glossy foliage. Grows to 1.4M tall flowering in mid July to mid August. [VIb/a]

Jim Sullivan bred the following:

In The Zone - 2001 (2010) Dark blackish-red with a glossy sheen. Inconspicuous spotting; up to 25 flowers per stem, grows up to 1.55 M tall.

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