A.J. (Bert) Porter (1901 - 2000) 

  • Cinnamon Toast - 1979 (1984) Creamy white with an even sprinkling of light brown spots. Grows .9M tall blooming in July. [Ia]
  • Cheerful Charlie - pre 1970 (1976) Bi-color, outer part of the tepals is a rich wine-red, the inner third a creamy yellow that fades to white. Grows 60 cm tall. [Ib]
  • Dark Gold - Also known as Dark Gleam. A pumilum hybrid, buds carry a rich reddish tone, opening to show a contrasting golden orange face. Grows 2 1/2 feet tall, blooms early July. [IXc]
  • Delicious - (1965) Golden orange, heavily spotted. Grows to 1M tall, blooms are fragrant and bloom early to mid July. [Ia]
  • Earlibird - (1956) Soft melon apricot with fine dark spots, grows to .8M tall. One of the earliest to bloom in late June to early July. [Ib]
  • Flame - (1969) <w/Percy Wright> Vivid nasturtium red coloring, funnel shaped flowers. Has l. davidii in its parentage. [Ia]
  • Firebright - (1964) Vivid currant red, unspotted flowers open funnel-shaped, and are scented. Stems up to .8M tall, blooming in July. Also known as Wildfire. [Ib]
  • Flaming Giant - (1975) Orange-red with spots. Grows to 1.5M tall, with cup-shaped blooms early to mid July. [Ia]
  • Gayle's Favorite- (1986? NR) Coppery bronze flowers on strong dark stems, grows up to 48" tall, blooms early to mid July. [Ia]
  • Geisha Girl - (1975) Resembles Lemon Queen, but is more dwarf. Lemony yellow flowers are in profusion and spotted. Grows .8M tall, blooms in July. [Ib/c]
  • Glistening Star - (1995) Orange, spotted, much reflexed. Blooms early. 1M tall. [Ic]
  • Golden Age - (1984) Yellow-orange with greyed purple spots. Grows to .9M tall, blooms profusely in late July to early August. produces stem bulbils. [Ia]
  • Golden Dauricum - Dwarf hybrid has the dauricum-type blooms of rich yellow gold. Blooms early July. [Ia]
  • Golden Jubilee - (1956) Upfacing golden-yellow. Grows 1.2M tall. [Ia]
  • Happy Thoughts - 1980 (2001) Large cream white flowers with very few dark red spots, orange pollen and a pale yellow stripe down the center of each petal. Grows .75M tall, blooming heavily in mid July. Also known as White Dove. [Ia\b]
  • Isis - Also known as Cover Girl. White with yellow flush on all petals; a scattering of spots. Grows 36" tall, blooms mid July.
  • Jolly Miller - (1979) Yellow orange with red spots. Grows .6M tall, blooms early to mid July. [Ia]
  • Orange Light - (1964) Bright vivid orange with very, very few spots. Grows 1M tall, blooming mid July. [Ia]
  • Orange Night -
  • Pink Champagne - (1963) Straw yellow overlaid with pink, spotted. Grows 1.4M tall, blooms early to mid August. [Ib]
  • Pink Chartreuse - (1974) Bred from two l. cernuum hybrids, yellow flowers with red tips, spotted. Grows .6M tall, blooming in July. [Ib/c]
  • Porter's Sunbright - (NR) Also known as Sunbright. A bright yellow turkscap lily, grows 1M tall, loaded with buds in July. [Ic]
  • Princess Royal - (1965) Lilac crimson with reflexed petals. Stems up to 1.2M tall with stem bulbils. Blooms in July. [Ic]
  • Raspberry Rhime - Unusual rose lavendar color. The color stands out as a color not seen before. Flowers fade to a pale lilac. Grows .3M tall, blooms mid July. [Ia]
  • Red Carpet - (1969) Short plant with upright medium sized red, unspotted blooms. Grows .3M tall, blooms late June or early July. [Ia]
  • Redland - (1964) Vivid red, no spots. Grows to 1.2M tall with stem bulbils, blooms early to mid July. Also known as Warrior. [Ia]
  • Rosabelle - (1956) Deep old rose, spotted maroon, Grows 1M tall, blooms early July. [Ia]
  • Saskatoon - (1977 University of Saskatchewan) Purple, getting lighter at the tips. 2/3 spotted with a white nectary. l. cernuum in it's parentage. [Ia]
  • Scarlett - (1960) Orange red, unspotted reflexed blooms grow to 1M tall, blooms mid July. [Ic]
  • Skydancer - (1984) Tiger hybrid, often reaching 2M in height, with very hairy stems and stem bulbils. Downfacing clear yellow brown-spotted flowers bloom in August. [Ic]
  • Susan Eileen - 1975 (1984) Rosy orange fades to lighter orange, bowl shaped flowers have a light sprinkling of purple spots. Grows .9M tall, with hairy buds blooming early to mid July. [Ia]
  • White Picture - (1980) Creamy white with brown spots. Grows up to 1.2M tall, blooms late June to early July. l. cernuum in its parentage. [Ia/b]

Visit the Honeywood Heritage Site, dedicated to Bert Porter.

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