Dr. Ronald standing with an established clump of Starburst Sensation, in front of his home in Manitoba, July 2001. Dr. Ronald is over 6 feet tall, giving you an idea of how tall this orienpet he hybridized can grow! I was fortunate to not only meet Dr. Ronald during this trip, but to see his very efficient nursery operation as well.

  • Blushing Belles- 1982 (2000) <NR name rejected> Orange coloring fading to lighter orange at tips, with a purplish throat and orange pollen. Grows up to 1M tall. Asiapet which Ms. Collicut bred along with Dr. Ronald. [VIIIa-b]
  • Fiery Belles - 1982 (1997) Shimmering orange, large, up and outfacing flowers dazzle you with their slightly fragrant, flared blooms. Stems grow to .85M tall, blooming in early August. Triploid is moderately fertile. Also botrytis resistant! Asiapet. [VIIIa/b]
  • Morden Butterfly - 1975 (1998) Cherry red, grows to 4 feet, blooms are well-spaced and open in July. Black Butterfly and Pink Tiger make up the parentage, no wonder the petals are so strongly recurved! [Ic/d]
  • Northern Beauty - 1978 (1993 L.M. Collicut) Inside dark red, with yellowish white tips and margins. Throat is strong yellow-green, unspotted. Strongly recurved petals, blooming in July on 3 to 5 foot stems. Triploid, Orienpet. Proven hardy on the prairies, growing stronger each year. Blooms begin mid August to September, and are lightly fragranced. [VIIIc]
  • Northern Carillon - 1982 (1997) Huge, 7-8" trumpet flowers with a dark purple-red throat and white tips. Strong & vigorous, grows to 1.5M tall. Blooms late August. Triploid, and more vigorous than it's parent 'Starburst Sensation'. Also has strong fragrance, which can fill your whole yard on a nice warm evening. Orienpet which Ms. Collicut bred along with Wilbert Ronald. Many have compared this lily with 'SILK ROAD' and thought they were the same, which they are - proven DNA records! [VIIIc]
  • Northern Sensation - 1982 (1997) Strong burgundy with deeper burgundy throat. Feathers out to white edges, no spots. Slightly ruffled petals, fragrant, downfacing blooms in early August on 1.4M stems. Differs from Northern Carillon by having more bowl-shaped flowers with a lighter red in center and also seems to be a little hardier, an improved version of Starburst Sensation. Orienpet which Ms. Collicut bred along with Wilbert Ronald. [VIIIc]
  • Northern Star - (2001) First blooms as pale pink with darker pink rays in center of petals, then fades to an overall clear pink. The foliage is wider than Starburst Sensation, with a more oriental form to the flower, and a heavenly fragrance. Blooms in early August on 3 to 4 foot stems. Orienpet [VIIIb]
  • Starburst Sensation - 1975(1993 L.M. Collicut) Bowl-shaped flowers are a strong purple-red with white-yellow tips, unspotted. Slightly recurved, unruffled petals on 3 foot stems blooming in August-September. Very fragrant & free flowering. Orienpet [VIIIb]

Read some great information brochures on lilies from Jeffries Nurseries, Dr. Ronalds' wholesale/retail nursery operation.  All are in acro2 format.

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