• Black Butterfly - pre 1964 <w/ Percy Wright> Deep crimson with a black sheen. Grows to 1.2M tall, blooming in July. [Ic]
  • Candace - (1994 R. Erskine) Maroon red with very faint spotting, pollen almost black. Grows just over 2 feet tall, blooms late. [Ia]
  • Embarrassment - (1975 Bert Porter) Deep pink outfacing blooms are heavily spotted. Many flowers, up to 50 per stem, grows 1.2M tall blooming in mid July. Possibly a triploid. [Ib/c]
  • Rosina - (1995 R. Erskine) Red-pink with rose throat and numerous dark purple spots. Grows 18 inches tall, blooms in August. [Ib]
  • Sally Jo Ann <w/Fellner>
  • Simonet Jewel - (1995 R. Erskine) Yellow center with pink tips and brown spots over yellow. Grows 3 feet tall, blooms July. [Ib]
  • Simonet's Rosy - (1990 J. Ericksen) Bright pink with a slightly darker throat and small red spots on lower half of petals. Grows 4 feet tall, blooms July, mostly sterile. [Ib]
  • Summer Night (1974 Bert Porter) Unspotted black-crimson. Grows 1.2M tall, blooms mid July. Black Butterfly used in the breeding. [Ic]