Terry Willoughby grows and hybridizes lilies in central Alberta, near Stony Plain, AB.  He is a founding member of the Alberta Regional Lily Society, which is where I first met him back in 1999.  I am proud to call Terry and his wife Shauna good friends.  Terry also gave me first opportunity a few years ago to sell his most special lily (my opinion), named Diamond Willough.  We are still growing it, currently increasing stock bulbs and list it for sale when inventory permits.  It is a little slower to propagate than some, but well worth the wait!

Terry is one of the most particular breeders I know, refusing to consider a lily for registration unless it has grown at least 10 years in his garden.  Throughout that time, he is sure to distribute it amongst other growers and friends to further the purpose of evaluating it under diverse growing conditions.  Many of his hybrids, both registered and unregistered are available at ARLS lily sales depending on availability.  He is also a regular contributor to the NALS and RHS seed exchange.  He is also a perpetual show winner wherever he enters his stems, whether it is in a local or an international venue.  Unfortunately he is not always able to enter his stems locally as he is often called upon to judge the shows or assist in classification.

Terry's first love in lilies is Martagons, and he has an astounding amount bred to date!  His high standards have prevented him from registering any so far that I know of, but I suspect that is about to change.  Unfortunately he suffered a huge setback in his breeding program in recent years due to weather related issues, and then a massive move of his lily collection from one location to his home near Stony Plain.  With friends around the world sending him seed and bulbs to work with, not to mention the wonderful stock he has already built up, I am certain it won't take long for him to get back on track.

Although his first love is Martagons, it has not prevented him from breeding some incredibly stunning asiatic hybrids as you will see.  Terry uses quite a lot of Fred Fellners' lilies in his breeding program.  Watch out for more coming from the hands of Terry Willoughby in the very near future!

  • BRUNO - 1991 (2006)  This lily is named after a late friend of Mr. Willoughby, Herbert "Bruno" Sunley. The pollen parent is a seedling Bert Sunley registered many years ago called Bold Knight. Deep red flowers with some spotting, in a racemose inflorescence form, possibly tetraploid as it has heavy substance. Grows to 1.4 M tall, blooms early to mid July. [Ia/b]
  • CAITLIN'S SUNRISE - 1991 (2006)  This lily is named after the hybridizer's eldest daughter, Caitlin Willoughby. Vivid red flowers with a hint of yellow in the centre of each petal, a few spots are present. Grows to .1 M tall, blooms mid July with at least 15 flowers on each stem. [Ia/b]
  • DIAMOND WILLOUGH - 1991 (2006) The name is a combination of the spelling of the hybridizer's surname, the diamond-shaped yellow flash in the nectaries, and in honour of the NALS' 60th Diamond Anniversary Show held in Edmonton, AB in July 2007. Grows 1.1 M tall, blooming mid July with numerous flowers (up to 30 per stem) of spectacular deep red blossoms with a flash of bright yellow in the center of each petal, loads of spots - a very nice hybrid that needs to be seen to be appreciated fully.  At our location it blooms a little later, typically the end of July.  We were proud to be the first to list this fantastic hybrid, and it always draws positive comments from our visitors!  [Ia/b]
  • GARNET EMBERS - 1991 (2006) This lily is named after it's colour which is a deep garnet red. Each of the tepals has a glowing golden-yellow 'ember' in the nectary. Growing to 1 M tall, although it has grown taller at our location under optimum conditions, it blooms in late July for us with 20-30 unspotted flowers per stem. Terry says it blooms mid July at his location. We have had it growing here for quite a few years now, it too is slow to propagate and we hope to list by Fall 2009, with the breeder's permission of course.  It is a sister seedling to Diamond Willough. [Ia/b]
  • OLIVIA'S MOONDANCE - 1995 (2006) This lily is named after the hybridizer's youngest daughter, Olivia Willoughby. A shorter hybrid, growing .6 M tall and blooming mid July with cream white petal tips leading to yellow centers and an unspotted green throat. [Ia/b]
  • TOBIN - 1991 (2006) This lily is named after a close friend of the hybridizer who passed away, Tobin Banks. A very beautiful and classy hybrid with deepest pink tips, creamy ivory petals with a hint of yellow, and a vivid wine-red throat. Unspotted, the colors are very vivid under normal conditions but tend to fade out quickly in high heat.  Another we have been growing since first meeting Terry back in 1999.  Grows to 1.2 M tall, blooming profusely in mid July.  [Ib/c]

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