night flyerAlex Burnett (1922-2012)

Alex Burnett hybridized the infamous Night Flyer asiatic lily, right here in sunny Alberta.  The year Alex passed away (2012) was the year this same lily was mass produced in the Netherlands, making it readily available around the world.  Although I am sure he would have had something derogatory to say about the lack of royalties paid to him by these big companies for this stunning hybrid, I'm certain he still would have been very pleased to know it achieved such popularity.

crook_nals07We are pleased to be growing and evaluating Darm's hybrids, outside of his growing zone, which is in the cold but sunny Northwest Territories of Canada.  Unfortunately due to hail and personal health problems we were unable to get an accurate evaluation their first few years in the ground here (starting 2008).  Pictured here is Darm Crook, myself and Terry Willoughby (l to r).  Photo taken at the NALS 2007 show in Edmonton, AB.