On this page we explain the different divisions or classes of lilies.


A list of popular short growing lily varieties

A list of popular dwarf and short lily varieties, by name.


lily addictionsHOOKED FOR LIFE or
OBSESSION, PASSION, ADDICTION - What is it about lilies that captivates people?


dryAre you in a drought stricken part of the country?  We have experienced this ourselves in the past.  In the year 2002 we saw a variety of poor growing symptoms in some of the lilies, in particular our newly planted lilies from the previous Fall, as well as those planted that spring. The most notable symptoms included bud abortion and blasting, yellowed stems early in the season, color streaking in the flower petals, as well as abnormally high reproduction of stem bulbils and underground bulbets - lilies do this when stressed. At our location, blooming was delayed by up to 3-4 weeks, and sprouting was delayed by a full 6 weeks. All of these conditions are directly related to our fickle weather patterns; the extreme heat of July, and the lack of moisture throughout the winter and into the summer (it didn't start to rain here until August 1 that year).


late blooming lilyOften we are asked what lilies bloom early, and what lilies bloom late. The result is this list - please note the bloom periods are as they bloom HERE - at my location in central Alberta, Canada. They may differ at your location, and often the weather plays a huge role as well. Dry, late spring means shorter, later blooming lilies. An early spring will often move the bloom period up as much as two weeks.  A heat wave in early July will push them right into blooming earlier than normal, while drought may push them to bloom later.  Every year it's a crap shoot really! This list is NOT all inclusive of everything we have growing, and of course there is always room for errors. You can find photos of all varieties within the photo galleries.


lily in a potWhy grow lilies in pots when they are so easy to grow in the ground? For those of us who desire to grow less than hardy varieties, container growing may be the only solution as less hardy varieties will not survive a winter in the ground. Short-stemmed or dwarf lilies are an excellent choice for container gardening and help to beautify your surroundings and landscape. There are also many gardeners who prefer pot culture as they find them more convenient to care for. What ever your reason may be, here you will find the information you need to grow them successfully.


tarlton method of growing martagon seedStep by step instructions for growing martagon lilies from seed.  This method is tagged as the Tarlton Method of growing from seed, as it was first introduced by the late Fred Tarlton many years ago.  Using this method results in blooming bulbs 2 years sooner than other known methods.


late blooming asiatic liliesHere is a list of the latest blooming, longest lasting registered lilies we currently grow. All varieties on this list are asiatic or asiatic cross hybrids. List currently needs updating as it was last modified in about 2006!


mcgeorge-bookThis is an article I wrote a few years ago, which was reprinted in the book LILIES, written by Pamela McGeorge (Firefly Books Ltd., 2004 ISBN 1-55297-883-4).