Myke soil additiveWe did trials on some of our lily beds with this product in spring 2002, and the results were overwhelmingly positive! Our results were very comparable to what the company reports, most noticeable was the size of plant above ground and the root system below - larger than those planted without MYKE.

Worthy of noting is that in Summer 2002 we experienced extreme drought conditions at our location, despite this the lilies planted with MYKE at their base that spring outperformed those planted without. Also, in Spring 2003 we established another new bed of lilies, and despite late spring planting these lilies were spectacular. Again, our location was suffering from very dry conditions until mid June that season. Many experienced lily growers were astounded to learn this new bed had been planted only months before.

MYKE is available in 1.5 litre plastic container filled with compost, peat, perlite and beneficial mycorrhizae fungi to enhance your soil and improve your plant's resistance to drought and increase water and nutrient absorption. There are some limitations to use though-with some levels of fertilization and certain plants it will not work, so please read this document (pdf format) carefully before using the product, or visit for more information. Two formulations are available, one for annuals/perennials and the other for garden use. The difference is in the particle size (fine or coarse), with garden formula in a finer medium for young seedlings. Highly, highly recommended and completely organic!


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