Visit the tracker site to add your location if the Lily Leaf Beetle is active in your garden

beetle-tracker web site

The primary goal of this site is to map the North American distribution of the lily leaf beetle. The site has a Google map that they hope to populate with input from lily growers everywhere (there is a form for adding both the location of beetle sightings and photos). In addition, the site will provide news about biological control effort based in Ottawa, as well as a page where readers can share their own tips for controlling the beetle.

This site and associated research was started by Naomi Cappuccino, Department of Biology - Carleton University.

If you have this pest in your garden, please take the time to visit it and add your location.  This kind of tracking will contribute more than you realize in the effort towards research on this pest and help gardeners everywhere in the long run.  Thank you for taking the time to do it!

Lily Beetle Tracker

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