Tips and tricks to growing, showing and enjoying lilies, including some handy recipes for home made bug sprays, fungicides and more.

General Tips

water can drip

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Lily Tree Nonsense

This article has been written to address one of the most asked questions we received by phone and email over many years.  That question was "are there really LILY TREES?"   It arises from a Canadian mail order firm using the term LILY TREES in their advertising and catalogs.  This article is relevant for those gardening in Zone 3 on the Canadian Prairies or anywhere else where winters reach - 30 Celcius or colder.

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Recipes for the Gardener - Fungicides You Can Make At Home

Basic Fungicide Recipe

  • 1 ts baking soda
  • 1 litre water
  • 1 ts dish soap or safer's soap

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Recipes for the Gardener - Pesticides

Recipes for the garden utilizing common ingredients found in many kitchens.

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Recipes for the Gardener - Weed Killer


I wish I had more to say about this, or some really fabulous ideas to help but I don't!  The bane of all gardeners, weeding is a necessary part of the end result.  I can leave you the following tips and that is the best I can do...

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Tool Tips - Getting Ready for Spring

 Tools for the Garden

glovesA good pair of gloves are essential!Are you tired of winter and can't wait to get into the garden?  In just a few short weeks (hopefully!) the snow will be gone, the ground unthawed and your garden will come alive, woohoo!

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