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Leaves looking a little yellow, and you are sure virus or lack of nitrogen is not the cause? Try watering your lilies with Epsom Salts.

The recipe calls for 1/4 cup epsom salts to 1 gallon warm water. Mix till dissolved then water your plants well and watch them green up within 2 weeks.

Why does Epsom salts work? It's the magnesium content that helps the plants. Magnesium deficiency can cause reduced growth, marginal or interveinal chlorosis on older leaves, cupped leaves, and reduced seed production. This treatment can be applied to all plants, especially geraniums. If you have sandy soil chances are your plants could use an extra dose of magnesium!


  • 40% sand
  • 30% peat
  • 30% compost


When cutting lilies for fresh flower arrangements choose stems with buds that are just about to open, with a just a bit of the flower color showing. They will open in a day or two and cutting at this stage will allow your arrangement to last longer.


pollenTo remove pollen stains from clothing, allow the pollen to dry before brushing it away and laundering. Over time the stain will fade away completely. If you can't wait, hang or drape the clothing in full sun for a few days and it will magically disappear!

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