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Lily Information

General info about lilies.

Lily Pests & Lily Leaf Beetle

Maybe you've just heard about it and want to know more, or (heaven help you) you've got the lily leaf beetle in your garden or neighborhood and now your desperate to find out how to get rid of it...check out the links here, photos for identification should be #1 on your list of things to read first.

The reason I say this is because there is a very similar looking beetle and I do mean similar, but it is not this bad lily beetle.  The look-alike is a harmless european beetle which although considered rare in Alberta I was told it is becoming more common.  I found one a few years ago in my potted lilies and just about had a heart attack!  Luckily, I knew an entomologist so I sent it off to him.  I was so relieved to learn it was not a lily beetle, however it made me very aware of the similarities and how one could confuse the two.  In all honestly, I doubt there would be any confusion based on the damage to the lilies though as the lily beetle has a voracious appetite from all accounts and the critter I found had barely left a nibble mark.

Lily Societies & Clubs

There are many lily societies established around the globe, here I've listed those I know of that have a web site.  They are a fantastic resource for those new to lilies and many of them also offer select lily bulbs for sale each fall season.  Typically membership cost is incredibly reasonable, I recommend joining one near you if you don't already belong to one.

If you represent a society or garden group and would like to be added here please contact me today.

Personal Lily Sites

Here you'll find links to personal web sites with content regarding lilies, maintained by gardeners rather than a business or commercial entity.

Related Business Sites

Various sites run by those in a business related to lilies or growing lilies.

Tourism & Other Links

Links to other sites with nothing to do with lilies.  Why are they here?  Mostly because they provide good information or they are local.

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