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NO catalog or Online Orders for 2019 After All

I have struggled with a decision to list or NOT list lily bulbs for sale this year as a result of bulb conditions due to drastic weather the past 2 years at our location.  Preliminary digging and work in the gardens this spring and early summer reveal very poor bulb conditions this year, and I really don't want to ship compromised or small stock to my many loyal customers.  This was not an easy decision to make, and I regret that it was made last minute, resulting in much disappointment for those who wait for the annual release of our catalog.

I was REALLY, REALLY hoping June would provide an overabundance of rain to help the bulb quality along and although other locations around us have received plenty of moisture we have only received enough to be adequate for maintaining them but not enough to allow them to overcome the damages of the previous year.  Almost all mature and healthy stock was dug out last fall for sales leaving the majority of bulbs left in the ground in an immature state.  We also lost a tremendous amount over winter, no doubt weakened by drought then hammered with a severely cold winter.  I have no confidence we will receive enough rain through the summer to allow them to mature for digging this year.  Those which were thought to be mature due to stem size show obvious and visible drought damage in the form of dried up layers of scales, which reduces the healthy bulb size greatly, as well as bulbs literally burned up from the heat of the ground during drought.

2020 will be the last year of business for Valley K Lily Ranch, one way or another so I hope you will return next year to see what is available.  The rest of this season I will dedicate my work hours to irrigating and pampering the beds to provide the absolute best quality bulbs possible for your gardens in 2020. Thankfully the dugout is full of water this year (unlike last year) and irrigation will be possible.  You can look forward to clearance prices on many and a variety of collections to be offered next year as I wish to clean out the remaining beds completely.

I wish to thank you all for visiting and I am sincerely sorry to disappoint our very loyal customer base, YOU ARE THE GREATEST and you deserve the best bulbs!  I refuse to ship crappy quality in my last years of business so I hope you will understand the reasons for this difficult decision.  Have a great growing season, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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