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Hairy Munster Lily


Growing here since 2005, this lily went unnoticed until the year 2015! Why did it stand out this year? For starters, it was a harsh spring for lilies with plenty of late frosts going down well below 0 C right into June. This resulted in a lot of damage to the tips of the lilies, dependent on their location and surrounding natural protection - like frost pockets, etc. Some lilies carried on and presented with twisted, blasted or deformed buds at bloom time and some were halted in their tracks. These I refer to as 'blind' stems. They remain healthy but often do not grow any further in height. It became evident that any lily variety with 'hairy' or fuzzy buds pretty much escaped damage, so those varieties stood out in comparison. This fit perfectly with the theory of Terry Willoughby, who told me a long time ago that he thought hairy budded lilies had more natural frost protection due to the presence of the hairs. After a year like this one, I just have to agree!

Very hairy asiatic lilyHairy Munster lily not only escaped damage, but it stood out in the garden with its exceptional hairiness noted on buds, stems and leaves - hairy everything! Since Hairy Munster has been growing undisturbed for 10 years in the same row, they are in dire need of splitting and replanting, thus a decision to thin them out by selling them as an unregistered asiatic lily at a sellout price! This lily has presented with at most, 12 flowers per stem (including secondaries). Although a bit crowded on the stem, the pale orange with bright coral pink petal tips generously sprinkled with spots is a super happy and attractive flower that blooms approximately July 20 each year at our location. Stems grow to 1 M tall, a very deep and glossy green. According to Russell's notes this hybrid was a cross between Redneck x Sunnyside. You can count on it to do well for you even in a bad year!

  • Ia asiatic hybrid lily
  • Hybridized 1998;NOT REGISTERED
  • Bred by Russell Bennett
  • I am a Canadian Lily!