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Miss Cas Lily


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I've been sitting on this one for almost 3 years trying to come up with a name...I'm really lame at the name game!  Consider this Valley K's 2017 lily introduction.  Finally I've settled on the name of Miss Cas an affectionate term used frequently on my daughter.  She is a hot-tempered redhead so on first thought this name is not at all suitable, but she also has the fairest of skin so considering that the name was suitable.  tongue-out

Tall growing, ending up some where between 1.4 and 1.5 M at maturity with an impressive tower of flowers at the top.  Although not the largest of flowers it makes up for size in abundance with more than 25 flowers on a typical stem and bud tips are dark prior to opening.  Produces secondaries often, blooms late July to early August - a perfect season extender for your lily patch.  Flowers are white to cream white with a white frosted nectary on top of green pronounced furrows and pink brushmarks with a hint of yellowish-orange where the frosting ends.  Spotted gently in purple for contrast.  Brushmarks & colour fades quickly in heat, leaving a creamy white, lightly spotted tower of flowers that glows in the late evening.

Some times the best lily comes from a rogue removed out of a select clump, and that is exactly how this one came about!

  • Hybridized 1999
  • Registered 2017
  • Ia/c lily hybrid
  • Hybridized by Fred Fellner
  • Exclusive to Valley K!
  • I am Canadian!