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LA hybrids (longiflorum asiatic) are an exciting breakthrough in lily cross-breeding. They are a cross between an asiatic and an Easter lily. Very large blooms on a hardy and reasonably tall stem, along with fragrance (on some) are this hybrid's features, although there are some short varieties as well. They multiply rapidly and perform well in the garden, although they are bred for the cut flower trade. Because the flowers are huge, with wider leaf margins, the cut flowers and those remaining on stems in the ground have a longer blooming life.

Not too many LA hybrids have a large number of blooms per stem, but they do make up for it in their size and staying power! For those that do produce numerous buds, I usually make a note of this in the description. Blooming starts in mid July.

I find these hybrids to be reliably hardy to zone 3, although I have reports of zone 2b hardiness, there are many in zone 2 who say they are not.

Due to the prolific self propagation most LA hybrids are capable of,  and a shortage of available planting space I have begun to clean out many of the LA hybrids that have been grown here over the years.  It was time to be VERY selective!  I chose to keep only those I found to have unique or great garden characteristics.  It wasn't an easy choice by any means, there are so very many varieties of these hybrids available on the market and in some cases, there is very little discernible difference between them!  I 'weeded' them out based on my own experience and notes taken over many years, but I am not done just yet - more will be dug out completely in the coming year as well.  What I have left I consider to be the best LA's for the garden setting.

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