We typically list a limited number of unregistered, registered & named martagon bulbs, which are from the collection of a dear friend who needs to reduce her garden size. Displayed here is a portion of her beautiful labour of love and you can see all the martagons towering in the background. All varieties have been verified and confirmed to be true to name by lily & martagon experts, and a great majority of the varieties are Canadian hybrids.

Martagons make a lovely addition to any garden, with amazing longevity often living undisturbed in clumps for many, many years unlike asiatic lilies which require splitting & dividing frequently. They will grow in full sun or in part shade or dappled shade but in my experience you will still see more flowers when they are in full sun. Most varieties sport many flowers on tall stems, an average of 1.4 M tall but many grow even taller. They all carry a scent - whether you like the scent or not is for you to decide!

Martagons are known to 'pout' after being disturbed, so it is no surprise when a bulb sends up no growth or very little growth its first year in a new home. Patience is key with martagon lilies, keep in mind it can take up to 7 years for one to flower when grown from seed! They are extremely hardy making them ideal for cold zone gardens. Unfortunately I cannot speak for how they might do in warm climates, but they do fabulous here in Canada.

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