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WR Seedling 6 Lily


Plenty of blooms to be found on sturdy and straight stems with deepest green foliage and dark purple stems. What makes it so showy to my eye is the yellow flowers against the dark stems!  This hybrid martagon lily was grown from seed in Alberta, with seed obtained from Dr. Ronald at an Alberta Regional Lily Society meeting many years ago where he handed out packets for free while speaking to the group.  Stems likely grow as tall or taller than 1.4 M...difficult to say this year as we are so very dry which always makes the lilies shorter than normal.  Blooms beginning early to mid July. Stunning, and the last of the WR seedlings!

  • II Martagon hybrid lily
  • Not Registered
  • Hybridized by Dr. Wilbert Ronald
  • Fragrant
  • Exclusive to Valley K!
  • I am Canadian!