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Below is the list of lilies by name included here.

Most of our images are available in high resolution original files, please contact me if you desire to use any of them.  Lily Societies which purchase wholesale from Valley K are more than welcome to use them for their sales promotion - please contact me and I will be happy to email you copies suitable for print.

Oriental lilies are NOT hardy here in my Zone 3 prairie garden.  I am constantly frustrated with the garden industry and tag makers who insist on putting a Zone 3 rating on them.  The odd one may be hardy to Zone 3, but the Canadian prairie summer is just not long enough for them to gather enough energy for the following year before winter hits.  You may have better luck if you live within a city or town, or have a microclimate present in your landscape.  Due to the lack of hardiness I treat them as annuals, grow them in pots and do not waste my time planting them in the ground.

As they are my least important priority when it comes to lilies, I don't have the greatest photos and many I do have are poor quality as they were taken before I had any knowledge of resolution with digital photos.  The photos included display some varieties I have imported and sold over the years, although not all of them.  I have developed a liking for the odd one; Starfighter, Montezuma, Siberia and Casa Blanca are among my favourites.  I have found that unless the lily bulbs are the absolutely biggest bulbs possible they still do not put on the greatest display when planted in the garden, in comparison to OT's for example.  It's no wonder really, upon browsing the International Lily Register the majority are listed with a note that their stats are from specimens grown under glass, meaning in a greenhouse.  I would guess that 99% of the Orientals on the market are grown in the Netherlands and they are grown for cut flower use for the florist industry NOT garden planting.

Across the prairies the common complaint I hear from gardeners is that even if they do survive a winter, they never thrive and instead decline in quality each year unless extra measures are taken.  It also seems that they peter out and die about the 5th year in the ground.  This is because our summer's are too short for them to recoup after blooming out the first year in this climate.  Read this great article from growers located in Edmonton, AB who shared their method of overwintering oriental lilies on the prairies.

Lily varieties included in this slideshow:  Acapulco, Angelique, Cartouche, Casa Blanca, Con Amore, Curie, Dizzy, Farolito, Girosa, Kissproof, Le Reve AKA Joy, Magic Star, Match Point, Mediterrannee, Mona Lisa, Miss Lucy, Pompei, Rodolfa, Rosato, Salmon Star, Siberia, Starfighter, Star Gazer, Tom Pouce, Touch, Trento, White Stargazer, Montezuma.