Pink Brilliant LO hybrid lily


Picture perfect, large pink lily flowers with ruffled white petal edges and a deeper stripe of rose pink down the center of each petal. Grows to 1.2 M tall. Stems bearing those beautiful blooms begin anywhere from late July through late August.

LO lily hybrids are a cross between longiflorum (Easter lily) and an oriental lily hybrid. So far, I have had zero luck having them overwinter in the ground here in my zone 3 garden. No surprise to me since orientals do not overwinter very well either. I plant both LO and orientals in pots and overwinter them in the same from year to year, with great success so far.

In 2014 I was informed that LO hybrid lilies are perfectly hardy in our climate and thrive in similar climates in Europe! The key to the success there? Apparently it is to keep them dry in fall before the ground freezes, as well as through the long, cold winter. I was told to cover the area they are planted in to prevent moisture from penetrating the ground around and above the bulbs in the fall. So, with that in mind I did a little experiment doing just that in Fall 2014. Guess what? It worked!

  • VIIIa LO hybrid lily
  • AKA Brilliant Gem
  • Photo copyright Dejong Lilies
  • Fragrant
  • Rights of Variety Protected
  • Bred by De Jong Lelies BV