Orders canceled within a 24 hour period of placing the order will be refunded completely, with no restocking fees applicable.  In fact, we are able to refund 100% when payment has NOT YET been applied, but once it has this policy comes into effect.  Unfortunately for us, and for some customers, they must cancel their complete order after it has been filed, for whatever reasons. We certainly understand there are circumstances which can occur making this necessary, but we still spend time filing the order, preparing the paperwork, as well as adding/deleting the items from inventory. If payment is already billed to a credit card or deposited in the bank, we lose up to 5% of the total to the card company when we refund the customer, because we are not refunded for the charges we incur for accepting cards in the first place. For these reasons, we charge 15% of the total order (including postage because it is included in the payment total) as a restocking fee on canceled orders that have already been filed and processed.


Sometimes the calculations made for shipping are out in left field and seem ridiculously high - not often, the truth is they ARE outrageously high!  If your actual shipping charges are less than what you paid for shipping we refund the difference of $5.00 or more, using the same method you used to pay.

Shipping charges are not refundable under any circumstances, nor is the phytosanitary certificate fee for US orders.  Hold on, there is one instance when shipping charges are completely refunded and that is if the carrier loses your shipment or damages it in transit, see below.

We are not responsible for incorrect addresses which result in the order being returned to us; if an order is returned to us by the courier or postal service we may refund your cost of bulbs depending on circumstances & timing. Unfortunately due to our unstable fall/winter weather there will be no refunds for orders returned to us after October 15, as invariably it is too late for us to replant them at that time.

It is the customer responsibility to be aware and relate any special requirements of shipping including certifications or import permit requirements to Valley K at time of ordering. Valley K is not responsible, nor will refunds be issued for orders returned due to lack of proper documentation, certification or correct permits accompanying the shipment, nor for refusal of entry by any government Customs Department for any of these reasons. It is also the customer responsibility to monitor and track their shipment once it has been shipped. Returns due to lack of customer attention to their shipment or negligence to retrieve the package will not be refunded.


If your bulbs or products are lost in shipping, you will be issued a full refund. Unfortunately Canada Post nor any courier will insure plant material for damages due to it's perishable nature, however they will cover it if the package is visibly damaged .  If a signature is required by the carrier please make a note on the documents of visible damages before signing. If damage is visible when you receive the package, please try to take digital photos, which helps us validate the claim with the carrier.  This applies whether it has been delivered by regular mail or courier.

Canada Post XpressPostI think we have had less than 3 packages lost by Canada Post since 1997, and none at all lost by other delivery methods.  The parcels were recovered by Canada Post in the end but unfortunately long past the day the bulbs inside were in prime shape, so refund was necessary.  I refund the customer as soon as I am refunded by the carrier in most cases. All packages sent by Canada Post include $100 value of insurance on the product within.  They also have a delivery guarantee on the time frame for some methods of delivery such as Expedited and XpressPost.

In 2018 we experienced the first theft of a package after it was left at the customers home by Canada Post.  I highly recommend signing up for Canada Post Flex Delivery which keeps your parcels safe at the PO of your choice.  It may be inconvenient to go there to pick it up, but it beats days wasted searching and dealing with Canada Post claims, while waiting to see if it will be found. Theft of parcels and mail has become epidemic these past years, Flex Delivery may overcome those problems.

Notify us immediately if your package is damaged or you suspect it is lost or missing as most often it is the shipper (us in this case) who must initiate the claim.  Please note if a claim is made, you are required to answer and communicate with Canada Post as well, but we have to be the ones to initiate it.

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