Our site uses secure servers for processing your order information. This entire site is run through secure socket layers for your security, as well as site security.


You will know you are on a secure page by looking for two things - a small lock in the locked position of your browser, and the URL in the address bar of your browser will start with https: rather than http:.  If these two things are in place, you can rest assured your information is secure.  This site uses its own secure socket layers (SSL).

https imagePlease be aware if the locks and address bar are as mentioned above when you are in the online shopping system entering personal data, then your information is still secure and still with me.

All orders are sent with secure encryption in place so you can rest assured your payment details and privacy is secure. No credit card information is stored anywhere on the site servers, nor on my desktop or any other device.  When you send credit card information through our web site, you are connecting to the card processor/banking web site directly behind the scenes.  This enhances the security of ordering as it eliminates the worry of any possible hackers gaining access to any private information down the road, let alone at the time of ordering.

We do not and cannot retain customer card information from year to year, in fact doing so is explicitly against all card processor policies for store owners, last time I checked.  Payments are processed through our secure card processor (PayPal) on an external site, therefore no browser hijacks are possible at any time during the order process and the experts are the ones handling all aspects of payment security.

Please contact me if you have further questions about our Privacy Policy or concerns with security issues.