A list of popular dwarf and short lily varieties, by name.




Crimson Pixie


Wine Pixie

Red Pine



Apple Blossom

Buff Pixie

Orange Pixie

Pink Pixie



Dawn Patrol

Double Creamsickle

Tiny Bell

Ladies Choice


Melissa Jamie

Mother Theresa

Petit Pink

Polar Bear

Tiny Padhye

Red Carpet




Snow Leopard


Strawberry Vanilla Latte


Tiny Sensation

Tiny Athlete

The above list is a partial listing of dwarf varieties we grow (in dire need of updating, my goodness we must have a dozen of the Tiny Series alone to add!), all grow 24 inches or less in height. All of the above named varieties are hardy to -40 Celsius (temps often reach this in winter for a few days or even weeks here). They have survived here without winter protection whatsoever. Our best dwarf varieties come from the breeding efforts of Fred Fellner, a hybridizer located near Vermillion, Alberta.

Often I come across articles in magazines or books recommending planting short varieties in pots - these lilies are suitable for pots due to their short statures, but inexperienced gardeners may not know that these lilies will NOT survive the winter in pots above ground, in zones 1-4 for sure.  Not in a normal winter anyway! I wish the writers of these articles would add this to save so many gardeners frustration and disappointment in this respect! Please note that although we have listed and show photos for most varieties, it does NOT necessarily mean we still grow them all here.  After 20 plus years there are bound to be losses due to weather, disease and most of all critters.

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