Night Flyer lily bred by Alex Burnett

Scroll down to see the slideshow of exclusive Valley K lily introductions from 1997 to 2021, 51 in total and more to add possibly as the RHS Lily Register is a little behind yet.  Although they all start out as exclusives to Valley K Lily Ranch, over time you may see other lily growers and distributors offering them for sale as well.

An example as seen on this page - Night Flyer asiatic lily - now being mass produced in the Netherlands and distributed worldwide.  Valley K was first to introduce Night Flyer commercially in 1999.  The late Alex Burnett lived right here in Alberta and hybridized this lily, you can be sure he was never asked for permission to propagate nor did he or his estate ever see a penny of any dollars from the sales of this lily since mass bulb production started.

This isn't out of the ordinary in the lily hybridizing world.  It seems only the large companies are paid royalties for hybridizing, and then only as long as Plant Breeder Rights or a Trademark designation has been awarded to the variety name.  The 'little guys' and the amateurs who do it for love receive nothing of monetary value typically.

Please note that in almost all cases royalties or an agreed price per lily bulb is paid to the breeders of Valley K exclusives, for as long as I was growing and selling it and as long as the breeder accepted it. I also paid royalties on a few other Canadian bred lilies, although they are not exclusive to Valley K. Paying royalties is the ethical thing to do, regardless if the lily breeder is a hobby gardener or a large company or corporation.  Supporting the 'little guy' in this manner encourages them to continue hybridizing and share their love of lilies with all of us, in my opinion.

Click any photo to open a slideshow of all images.  Names show up when you hover your mouse on the thumbnail below, and also within the slideshow.

Named asiatic lilies found within this Gallery (in no particular order; most are registered, some not):  Baby Pink Bells, Bennett's Big Bang, Contrails, Diamond Willough, Erin Kate, Fancy Nancy, Firefox, Fireglow, Fred's Red, Heather's Promise, Just Jazz, Kissme, Lady Godiva, Lillian Eileen, Madam Rosy, Miss Congeniality, Mrs. Bright, Night Flyer, Overlooked, Planters Pink, Prairie Jewel, Prairie Kiss, Priscilla, Rizzo, Short Stop, Snofest, Striptease, Tina's Love, Valley Girl, Wing Commander, Amelia Donna, Lillian DesRoches, Hairy Munster, Rohan, Prairie Sun, El Tigre, Quicksilver, Little Bitty, Tweetie Pie, Miss Cas, High Prairie, Sour Cream Raisin Pie, Darlin', Small Town Girl, Hummer Pink, Eliza Marilyn, Happy Camper, Liam John, Thea Rose, Vendla, Wesley Byron.


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