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Thanks so much for your order!  It has been filed and if payment has been made online, consider it confirmed as well.  If payment has NOT been made online and you are sending payment by mail, email or calling it in please do so immediately so you do not forget!  Please note we have a NEW phone number as of October 28 2017, it is 587.782.2870.

Please notify us if you do NOT receive an order confirmation in the next few hours, after you have checked your junk or spam folders.  This is IMPORTANT -  we cannot notify you with shipping information or problems with the order if your email is not valid or accepting our emails.

Also note when using aol or hotmail accounts I can virtually guarantee I receive an email saying your confirmation is undeliverable!  In some cases the email is delivered despite the notice, but in many cases it is not. Be sure to allow store@, bulbs@, service@ and/or in your email spam settings.

You are welcome to add to your order any time prior to it being shipped, please read your order confirmation for the instructions on how to do so. Thanks again, have a great day!!

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